Debt Syndication And Finance

Horizon Group's Debt Advisory team specialises in providing advisory services across the full range of debt market including banking, capital market, asset-based lending, securitization, project debt, senior debt, mezzanine financing, raising debt to finance LBO's or MBO's, acquisition financing and recapitalisations.

Scope of Services

  1. Syndication of Rupee Debt - Term Loans, Working capital
  2. Syndication of Foreign Currency Loans through ECB/ ECA route
  3. Structured Finance - Asset backed Financing, Securitisation
  4. Acquisition Finance - Indian company buying overseas or local company
  5. Real Estate Financing
  6. Trade Finance - Buyers Credit & Suppliers Credit, Structured Trade
  7. Syndication Of Foreign currency loans (TL & WC) in Overseas subsidiary
  8. Promoter Funding

Rupee Debt Syndication

  1. Amount - Rs 5 Crs and above
  2. Tenor - Both Short Term and Long Term
  3. Working Capital needs like Cash Credit, Packing Credit, Post shipment credit
  4. Term Loans - Short term loans for 2-3 years, capex loans for 4-6 years
  5. Pricing - Both Fixed as well as floating

Foreign Currency Debt Syndication

  1. External Commercial Borrowing, Export Credit Agency and FCNR
  2. Working capital finance for Overseas Subsidiaries
  3. Amount - ECB - USD 5 Million and above
  4. Amount - Working Capital Facility for Overseas Subsidiaries - Depend on the need
  5. Pricing - Libor based pricing with spreads fixed for entire tenure of the loan

Structured Finance

  1. Equipment Financing, Lease Rental Discounting, Securitisation
  2. Loan against Real Estate Cash Flows
  3. Structured Real Estate Project Loans
  4. Tenor - Depend upon the transaction
  5. Pricing - Both Fixed and Floating

Acquisition Finance

  1. Loan For Foreign company takeover by Indian company
  2. Loan for Indian Company takeover by Indian company
  3. Pricing - Linked to Libor for overseas acquisition and in INR for local takeover
  4. Amount - Working Capital Facility for Overseas Subsidiaries - Depend on the need
  5. Tenor - Max 5 years for Acquisition Finance

Project Finance

  1. Loan For both Green and Brown Field
  2. Currency - Can be arranged both in rupee and foreign currency
  3. Pricing - Depending upon Project and Tenor
  4. Tenor - Max 12-13 years in rupee and 7-10 years in foreign currency
  5. Ability to prepare Information Memorandum.
  6. Can arrange various project consultants for technical & financial feasibility
  7. Can tie up with banks for underwriting

Trade Finance

  1. Buyers Credit and Suppliers Credit
  2. Re imbursement Structures
  3. Dealer and Supplier Finance, Bill Discounting
  4. Tenor - Buyers and Suppliers Credit - Max 1 year for Raw Material and 3 Years for Capital Goods
  5. Tenor - Dealer and Supplier Finance, Bill Discounting - Depends upon the transaction