Mr. Dhanishankar Baba Upadhyay – The Director of Horizon Outsource Solutions Private Limited. He has over 30 years’ involvement in the Manpower Outsourcing Business. What started as a vision of Mr. Upadhyay in the year 2008, it currently has a workforce of over 8000 employees under his initiative.

Mr. Upadhyay shares his views, “For more than a decade, I have had the benefit of driving this wonderful organization and it has been an invigorating trip. The dedication and enthusiasm of a diverse, global employee base helps HOSPL display solid authority amid this period, against the background of huge unpredictability in our key markets. In the midst of the ascent of new markets, HOSPL stays concentrated on remaining important to our clients, employees, and the general public at large. Exceeding a decade with HOSPL has given me a ringside seat to the development and growth of our Company. I have seen our Company’s capacity to rise up out of each difficult cycle more grounded than any time in recent memory and be in a position to capture a greater share of market opportunities. HOSPL is in a development industry where the demand for products and administrations keep on growing. The energy of a business now relies upon its capacity to deal with the change from process maturity to information maturity. The ones who can do it quicker and more astute will be the pioneers in the new financial world. In the Horizon Group, our ethos is molded by the core conviction that we articulated practically more than a decade ago, that the group isn’t simply another stakeholder of business, but the very purpose of its existence. That ethos manages all our activities and initiatives. HOSPL has concentrated on helping communities in core areas. I am enchanted to see each of those projects scale up altogether to begin having any kind of effect to the focused on groups. Our group will keep on driving an organizational culture that grasps change, puts stock in developing ability, and contributes early, predicting the future needs of our clients. Our achievements would not have been conceivable without the ardent duty and bound together exertion of our committed group. Their enthusiasm is really motivating, and I am consistently moved by their immovable want to serve the Company. We have a tight concentration on our key strengths, focused on our differentiated products and resources. We are amidst an extensive plan to transform operations.

However, the difficulties confronting us are immense and in the constantly changing competitive environment in which we work together, there is no opportunity to unwind. Be it for the innate prerequisites of contending in the business, for our geographic achieve, the number and inherent trouble of our tasks, or the horde factors influencing our business, our organization is in a permanent state of innovation and consistently enhance its intensity as we need to give the right strategic reaction to this intricate and dynamic environment. We are attempting our best to make for a dependable partner that can deploy the best solutions and forefront innovation, with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. On encountering challenges, the Horizon Group defeats them, and secures further wisdom and knowledge, and the Company has now developed to the point where we can welcome such an expansive number of new employees here today.

With our leadership team and immense opportunities ahead, I am extremely amped up for the future and genuinely trust that HOSPL’s best days are yet to come. Today will be a noteworthy defining moment in each of our lives. Kindly don’t quit seeking your dreams and ambitions all through your lifetime.

     Horizon Outsource Solutions Private Limited looks forward to working with you.