Medical Supplies

Horizon Group Medical Supplies is a pioneering company in the field of medical products and hospital supplies. It operates exclusively in India with its headquarters in Mumbai. Our wholesale activities cover most of the major Indian markets, and it commands a leading position in the "emerging countries". We believe in the mantra of giving superior quality, reasonable pricing, technically institutionalized advanced medical products, ensuring a qualitative after sales back up, and most important building the road of trust with our customers.

What we do

We are trusted provider of quality medical supplies with overall compliance to customer satisfaction and excellence in medical support. We also serve medical products companies in all geographies and sectors, including medical supplies, capital equipment, implantable devices, and healthcare IT. In developed markets, our experience working with leading payors, providers, and regulators allows us to provide a unique perspective on the rapidly changing value chain.Our dependable sales team composes of distributors, suppliers and manufacturers that guarantee quality result due to their adeptness and awareness of all your hospital needs. Our product line has been tested and proved by experts to appropriate medication and draw you away from potential health risks. We have a mission designed for our customers, and that is to secure customer satisfaction through the principled protocol of quality distribution of medical supplies and equipment and to practice professionalism and honesty with integrity.


Commercial production is carried out in units operating as per cGMP standards and equipped with at par quality equipments and utilities viz, Efficient AHU and HVAC System that covers all the production activities right from the initial production to the final pack and store point of the product. All the above is running under controlled Temp & % RH. Read More...


QA is totally organized and arrangement with object of ensuring that the medicinal products produced are of the quality required for intended use. The QA system appropriates for the manufactured of medicinal products designed & developed as per GMP & GLP. Production and control operations are clearly specified all necessary controls such as in-process, validations are carried out, finished products are correctly processed and checked. GMP is a part of quality ensures that products are consistently produced & controlled to appropriate quality standards. QC is a part of quality assurance concerned with specifically testing with proper documentations and list procedures in which respective tests are actually carried out. Read More...

Our Mission and Core Values

To be continuous in customer satisfaction, beyond what is expected. Our core objective is to meet and exceed our customers' requirements in manufacturing and distributing quality products, while delivering superior service. We continually strive for excellence in every aspect of our company! One of our competitive strengths is our strict adherence to being an ethical company with integrity. Because Horizon Group holds a position of leadership in the industry, we want to ensure our dedication to maintaining the fundamental principles of fairness, honesty and common sense, which are the heart of the company's philosophy, values and corporate standards.

Our Strategy

With the support of our customers we aim to maximise the potential of our business, through a combination of enhanced quality of service, competitive pricing and cost efficiency.As a veteran owned business, We've learned first-hand that behind every medical situation is a patient and a person. So our strategy is to offer brand-name medical supplies and equipment at discount prices-backed by the best customer service of any retailer.


HOSPL is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise with a strategy for a dynamic and progressive development. We are trusted provider of quality medical supplies with overall compliance to customer satisfaction and excellence in medical support. We believe in delivering superior quality, reasonable pricing and technically institutionalized advanced medical products. Our capabilities lie in production of wide range of medicines, contract manufacturing, microbiological control and validation of processes and equipment.

With our highly skilled and trained employee base, we aspire to aid the community in leading a healthy life through: formulating, developing, commercializing, and delivering affordable & accessible medicines that satisfies urgent medical needs. At the onset of our approach, is the vision to create something new and affordable. This is what helps us grow our business rapidly. While technology, knowledge, and a desire to serve life sets us apart and drive us all to innovate. We take utmost care to understand the needs of our customers. This enables us to develop innovative quality products at an affordable cost. Our product portfolio caters to wide range of therapeutic areas such as cardiology, respiratory, neurology, gastroenterology, diabetology, dermatology, opthamology, gynaecology and many more.

We don’t compromise the quality of our products and we maintain the same standards when selecting our employees. At HOSPL, we have diligent and persevering individuals whose skills set new benchmarks, not just for the company but for the industry as well.

Our Commitment

HOSPL manufactures and supplies effective, safe and high quality pharmaceutical products meeting international requirements of GMP, ISO 14001 standards.

  • The enterprise has created and operates a quality management system that ensures -
    1. 100% input control of raw materials
    2. All production stages comply with the international quality standards of GMP
    3. Triple quality control system
    4. Testing laboratory to be in compliance with STB ISO/ IEC 17025
    5. Qualified and specially trained professionals
    6. Warehouse with microclimate control for storage of finished products
    7. Modern equipments from leading world manufacturers

    Our Expertise

    You are what drives us to be our best. To provide excellence at every turn.

    Our reputation for outstanding medical supplies is a result of continuous investment in technology and facilities. We work with thousands of the most experienced consultants and healthcare specialists. We are committed to providing our patients with access to the latest drugs.

    With a dedicated bunch of doctors and scientists who are published experts in their fields, we’re well-equipped to deliver unparalleled patient care through our products. Armed with groundbreaking clinical research, our dedicated team is saving lives and shaping the future of medicines – from primary care to cancer, childbirth and numerous other disciplines. Its all right there. Just waiting. Ready to serve you. A network filled with the most brilliant minds in medicine. And it’s backed with the most advanced research technologies. This is why HOSPL is committed to working with numerous health products – to ensure that more Belarusians have access to the highest quality care available.

    Key Benefits of our Solution

    Our journey to excellence never ends. Clients can be assured that when they choose HOSPL, they’re choosing an industry leader who will work tirelessly to achieve excellence in quality, safety and efficiency, for the better health of our clients as well as the entire health care industry

    Quality is Paramount
    We make extra effort in ensuring that our products are manufactured meeting the health standards. We ensure that our warehouse is a secure, temperature-controlled facility that provides the margin of safety needed by a leading pharmaceutical distribution company.

    HOSPL employees make decisions, both big and small, with a focus on what is ethically right. Above all, we are committed to the greater good – for our company, our clients as well as the health care industry.