Payroll Services

Senior directors in many organizations have an enthusiasm for their specific subject matters, yet they regularly end up investing less energy working in their core competency zones and spend additional time working with back-office material and managerial obligations. Unfortunately, that is genuinely common in small to-medium sized companies which don't have the internal facility to manage the complexities of payroll. HOSPL can help. We are a Professional Employer Organization that provides regulatory administrations which allow the organizations to get rid of a large number of their work related weights, while giving prevalent payroll expertise.

Our Business provides Payroll Services to assuage you from the assignment and boost the estimation of your company. Your organization gets the chance to focus by leaving the work to us. Through our business, you can lessen the level of HR exercises and make the procedure more adaptable and productive - decreasing the time and different assets utilized as a part of the procedure. Our payroll system is designed to organize all the tasks of employee payment and the filing of employee taxes. These tasks can include keeping track of hours, calculating salaries, withholding taxes and deductions and paying compliances to the government.

Key Benefits of our Solution

Flexible payroll solution tailored to business needs

Anywhere, anytime access

Single Vendor Advantage

High security, automatic back-ups

Query handling

Scalable to business of any size

The Value Proposition

Essentially, we give modified, practical arrangements that enable you to enhance your business in four key ways.

  1. To start with, you can focus on Business Growth by expelling non-revenue delivering undertakings and investing more energy in what matters: running your business proficiently and gainfully.
  2. Second, you can bring down costs and increment benefits by outsourcing your Payroll Administration undertakings to us as we have economies of scale and wide mastery.
  3. Third, you can turn into a Employer of Choice by giving world-class benefits programs that empower you to pull in and hold awesome workers.
  4. Finally, you can keep up Peace of Mind by securing your business with legal compliance, risk management, and training of the tool for easy handling.

HOSPL's payroll services help you enjoy every bit of your job with the following features:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Biometric Device Integration
  3. Task Management
  4. Attendance Management
  5. Forms Manager
  6. Leave Management
  7. Time Sheet & Project Tracking
  8. Performance Evaluation
  9. Reports
  10. Reimbursement, Loan & Allowance
  11. TDS & Compliance Management
  12. Employee Self Service

Make Payroll Processing a Snap!

One of the core desires your employees have is to be paid correctly and on time, so it's vital that you strike while the iron is hot. At HOSPL, we take the weight of payroll processing off your shoulders with the payroll administrations that we give. HOSPL has a team of specialists who are committed to your account and they guarantee that your employees are paid accurately and on time, inevitably.
We provide our customers with access to a cutting edge, electronic Payroll System. By doing this, our customers maintain a distance from the significant capital expenditure related with purchasing it and we are in charge of the constant upgrades that are required to process payroll.