Big Wave offers forefront VFX Solutions to productions to bring alive exceptional thoughts, through dazzling visual effects. With specialization in profoundly complex VFX, The Big Wave and its team of devoted artists remain at the front line of a high degree dynamic universe of VFX generation. The VFX Solutions incorporate 2D Animation, 3D Animation, Colour Grading, Virtual Reality Production, 360° Reality Production, Mixed Reality and Movie Production. Special physics-based effects on natural phenomena like fire, smoke, liquid, gas, explosion and demolition with various rigid and soft body dynamics are combined with our ideas to shape your films just the way you like it.

With a tremendous involvement in delivering visual effect sequences from an idea through on-set supervision, post production to the last composite; we bring your thoughts to life. We blossom with the possibility that we get the opportunity to make the most imaginative of inventive stuff and enable our client to achieve that level of exposure. The digital age guarantees the best of everything to its audiences, its peak being breathtaking visual entertainment. Having worked on groundbreaking visual effects for movies like Bahubali 2, Airlift, Simran, and so on, the company continues to push the envelope with each project and cement its reputation for cutting edge visual effects with its repertoire of work.

A stunning visual story knows no dialect, and hence gives your film a bigger, more productive market-around the world, which is the reason why The Big Wave is resolved to satisfy that promise through a committed top of the line visual effects department for feature films. With studios in Dubai - our equipped and conferred team serves as an end-to-end partner. Our 24x7 vigorous global attitude makes geology insignificant, associating us with clients crosswise over landmasses; empowering our offices to streamline efficiencies, and guaranteeing our Company conveys their most extreme potential for each venture.

Our Artists

Our VFX environment stands out from the rest, humming with new thoughts, ideas and approaches to utilize the latest high end softwares and technical solutions to convey energizing visual effects and animation. We have moved up to offer a more extensive scope of administrations to our clients’ right from conceptualization and advancement, up until the last phases of post production. Our artists are excited and enthusiastic for challenging projects unimportant of its scale or intricacy. Truth be told, our interests just become higher with the test our artist are set against. Our massively imaginative group offers you an assortment of choices regarding both style and story for your projects.

Blood, Sweat & Tears

Visual effects give freedom to filmmakers, writers and directors to tell any story they like. Humans have been telling stories since communication made it possible. A writer has full freedom to do anything including having their main character turn into a giant lizard. Myths from around the world describe actions and creatures that don’t exist in real life which can be turned into reality. A writer’s descriptions form images in the reader’s mind that can now be generated in photographic reality for the movie viewer. Read more...


Contrary to what a lot of people outside the business think, the VFX industry does not work like an assignment that can be given to an individual and delivered as a finished product which is integrated into the final release after passing testing. Read more...

A world without visual effects

It's hard to imagine films like Bahubali, Airlift, and more, without visual effects. Needless to say these films would have not done nearly as well without visual effects. It’s likely they wouldn’t have been attempted without visual effects. Showing an actor saying ‘You should see what I’m seeing right now, it’s fantastic’, seeing actors jumping around in front of a green screen or painted cyc or adding a Prologue at the start of a film to ignore certain aspects would not tend to make for a great movie going experience. A play, musical or opera tend to be confined to a live stage and as such the audience accepts the limits as they’re presented.

Visual effects models ad environments have to be created from scratch. A house can't be rented to shoot in or props to fill in. It has to be built and painted from scratch. When characters or creatures are moved, it has to be assured that their feet touch the ground without going into the ground or floating above it. Many of the things taken for granted in live action has to be worked out in great detail in visual effects.

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We render best creative solutions comprehending the client's project and requirements

Imaginative, proactive and timely solutions are our key strengths that has helped us in satisfying our clients creatively, technically and financially.

Customized solutions to clients as per their specifications and budget.

Flexible pricing to offer highly attractive pricing and client value.

Powerful and proven "after" creative technologies.

We help you realize and structure an intelligent drive to media solutions.

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